Healthclubpanel was conceived in Year 2000. Two youthful Engineering Graduates, in their Twenties, after fundamental Job encounter chose to begin a Company. They didn’t have any acquaintance with one another, were presented by a typical companion. When they knew one another, they moved toward becoming companions with a shared objective and vision. It was a Dream with Knowledge of Technology, nothing else. Starting there, Company was fabricated, Solution by Solution and Client by Client. Healthclubpanel adventure in the underlying years resembled an exciting ride. There was loads of Hard work, Raw Marketing, No References, No Products to Showcase, No Office and with no monetary reinforcement. Groups of these two youthful Graduates bolstered a ton, beginning requests were broken with references from family and well wishers, gradually the Orders and Clients began developing. “On the off chance that you fulfill a Client and give him right arrangement, he will give another reference”, this theory got up to speed with Healthclubpanel and Company began getting References from Clients. From beginning days, center was around Microsoft Technologies and Programming Languages. Customers who bought Software in starting days are till date with Healthclubpanel .

A long time passed, high points and low points proceeded. By 2004, Healthclubpanel was settled in Office Space with couple of Programmers. Battle proceeded till organization was moved to a claimed office in 2006. Presently, Healthclubpanel was getting set up, began breaking International Clients, wandered into various tasks and volumes expanded. After numerous long periods of diligent work with devotion, day touched base in 2007 when the two Partners progressed toward becoming Directors and Healthclubpanel transformed into Healthclubpanel IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In one year from now, office was acquired with a limit of 30 Team Members and now Healthclubpanel was currently settled and entered another period of Business with Corporate Clients and more universal customers. The two Directors, now with Experience began concentrating on Technical and Marketing exercises. With a portion of the devoted dependable Team Members, Healthclubpanel developed quickly consistently. Today, one can state that Healthclubpanel is a known Brand and works through different levels from best down

Healthclubpanel  is represented considerable authority in ERP Solutions with modules like Purchase Management, Inventory Management, Financial Accounting and Inventory Management, Service Management and so on. Alongside ERP, Services like Industrial Automation Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile APP Development, Websites Development, Customized Solutions Development, Search Engine Optimization and Web Hosting Solutions procured numerous Clients and numerous Projects which were effectively executed. With center spotlight on MicroSoft Technologies like VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC Framework and Database Technologies like MS SQL Server, My SQL and so forth unique Solutions were produced for Clients. Through Direct and OEM Clients, Healthclubpanel began working with Manufacturing Industries, Distribution Industries, Automation Companies, Pharma Clients, Hospitality Industry, Education Sector and so on. Customers once connected with Healthclubpanel continued giving more IT Services and Development openings.

Healthclubpanel while furnishing different IT Services effectively Partnered with Paryana Automation Pvt. Ltd. in 2017 and another Association of Healthclubpanel -Paryana was shaped. Presently alongsid and , is ready as Director and new vision with new guides have been drawn for new pursuit.

Healthclubpanel – Paryana and its Directors vision is to make Industry Specific Solutions and oblige vast customers and demonstrate our Technical Expertise. Recently discovered affiliation is set to become Big and fill in as a Development Company and with its International Principles.

Trust, Hard work and Dedication are the center ideas of our Foundation. At Healthclubpanel , we are a Family with most extreme regard and care for the Team Members. We have confidence in engaging Team Members and to put resources into making Multiple Levels of Team underneath Management and demonstrate to them the Roadmap. Arrangements and Systems created by Healthclubpanel are strong and center specialized. General Team Meeting, Documentation, Support Ticketing are few stages which we took to arrange ourselves.